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Project Management Package

Millstone Landscapes created this project management service to give a much broader package to the construction industry and take away a lot of the daily problems that are at present dealt with by Quantity Surveyors only if they have enough time in their busy schedules.
The service works right throughout the construction project and consists of the following:
  • We complete a detailed survey of proposed building land purchased by the client. This will give details of any environmental problems that may result prior to planning applications are made. These surveys give valuable information on what wildlife is on the site and methods of moving reptiles (snakes) etc. It reports on perennial weed problems that are found , such as Mare's Tail and Japanese Knotweed, which can be a major problem to developers on site, as these plants grow through tarmac with ease, and are difficult to treat.
  • Within this survey, all trees, hedges etc. are marked off and if required, a detailed arboricultural report can be compiled and sent to the relevant Local Authority. All correspondence sent to Local Authorities, Planners, etc. is copied to the client.
  • We are able to design a landscaping scheme for each site and produce detailed drawings for Planners. We discuss this process with each client and are able to give a budget costing for these works before the drawings are submitted. This gives the client a budget figure to work with that shows the cost of any structural planting and open space areas, also a cost will be given for plot planting.
  • We are able to complete the works required on these sites working to the client's building plan, dealing with site clearance, environmental problems and landscaping.
  • Following landscaping, we are able to maintain the landscaped areas throughout the construction period and once the site has been completed, deal with Local Authority adoptions on open space 106 sections, etc. We visit the sites with the relevant Local Authority officer and have each project adopted. At all times throughout the project, we give the client regular updates on each procedure. On this scheme we have not had a site turned down for adoption, which helps our clients hand over sites more quickly, saving costs on prolonged maintenance and remedial landscaping on sites that can go on for many years without being resolved.
For developers who have used this service and who work closely with us on projects, we are able to produce our designs and drawings at cost price. The cost relating to dealing with the 106 adoptions and highways sections are included within our maintenance costs for each project.

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