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Low Maintenance Vegetative Blanket

At Millstone Landscapes Ltd we have recently added to our landscaping products a material which we feel is the ideal substitute for grassed areas in many locations. We are now able to supply and install for our clients a Sedum Vegetation Blanket.
We are constantly looking for new ways of landscaping areas that are not suitable for grass or planting because of their position, poor soil type or lack of moisture retention.
We have found that this particular Sedum blanket is extremely versatile, frost hardy, drought resistant and thrives on poor soils.
We have discovered that it tolerates road salt if planted on verges and roundabouts and recovers very quickly. Sedum requires very little maintenance when compared to grass and would cut out the need and expense of regular weekly maintenance.
The matting can also tolerate surface disturbance such as foot traffic without being damaged. The blanket is also ideal for use on roof gardens and grows on soil free media and substrate slab.
sedum in flower
Six varieties of Sedum are used
flat roof system
Substrate system for flat roofs
sedum substrate
Sedum grown on inert medium
sedum in trays
Sedum is available in trays or rolls

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