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Rebuilding Topsoil
At Millstone Landscapes we have become involved with the production of manufactured top soil to Bristish Standard BS 3882 specifications. We are therefore able to ofer our client base a proven, cost-effective method of manufacturing topsoil by simply recycling material on site, which would not otherwise be suitable for topsoil purposes. The material recycled can be made up from subsoil, depending upon its quality, or from existing impoverished topsoils which do not meet British Standards quality.
Clients that have used these methods have been able to reduce their overall overheads by saving on the removal of low grade waste, landfill charges, transport costs and the importation of suitable soils. Any surplus material manufactured on site can readily be sold on as topsoil.
Following an enquiry, we would arrange to visit the site and collect soil samples that would then be analysed by a laboritary, we can then give the client costs to convert the material on site into topsoil. We have found that each site location has to be treated individually, due to the differing nature of the materials that are to be remanufactured.
We may be able to help you make dramatic cost savings on recycling a waste product into a top quality top soil and also become more proactive in cutting down the amount of waste going into landfill sites and encouraging the use of recycled products.
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Before and after mixing
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Certified compost added
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Mixing process

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