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Millstone Landscapes have carried out a vast variety of jobs in and around Southern England since 1992.  If you would like information about a more specialist task / job then please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

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Lord Nelson Memorial Garden, commercial landscaping, Portsmouth, Hampshire
neslon 1
This simple but eye-catching garden was constructed to celebrate the centenary of the death of Admiral Lord Nelson. 
nelson 3
The garden was located at the place he spent his final night before setting sail in The Victory to the Battle of Trafalgar.
nelson 3
nelson 4
Balancing pond, landscape drainage project, commercial landscaping, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Balancing Pond in North Bersted
This project is one part of several stages of drainage works for a large local development working for three clients as a consortium. The works involved excavating the pond area with an island at one end. Due to the very wet nature of the site, the pond should retain water throughout the year as it is fed by several culverts from the site and it will eventually be linked into a drainage ditch system and additional ponds as the site progresses.
Balancing Pond in North Bersted
Although the pond was designed as a strategic part of the site’s drainage scheme, it is also a leisure area for the residents moving into the development. The planting was based on using native tree species and shrubs with over 13,000 whips planted. The banks of the pond will be seeded with a wild flower seed grass mix.

The island was planted with Salix whips and under-planted with wild native bulbs for the spring. There are proposed bridges to be installed over the culvert ditches to the pond area with a cycle path also being installed as part of the infra-structure works.
Public park landscaping development for Local Authority, Thatcham, Berkshire
Site before work started

This project was for a consortium of developers, turning what was used as the site's storage area and waste ground into an area of open space, to be adopted by the local authority as a part of the 106 agreement on site. The contract value exceeded £900,000 and took 18 months to complete. The area is now under a two year maintenance period before being handed over to the local authority.

Area re-soiled and graded

Extensive drainage works had to be installed.  The area was then re-soiled and graded. Extensive tree and whip planting was carried out to the boundaries.

Playground installed

After grading the area was hydroseeded in Autumn. A playground area was installed within the location shown in top photograph. Swales were also installed along the boundaries to take away the water from the drainage system installed. Existing subgrade materials on site used to form a buffer bank adjacent to the railway line.

Finished area with new trees planted

After re-grading, top soil was placed to a depth of 400mm prior to landscaping.  Native whips and trees planted within tree shelters onto formed buffer banks. Over twelve thousand trees and whips were planted along the bund.

New housing development, landscaping project with ornamental pond, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
New Housing Development Landscaping with Ornamental Pond Feature
Excavation of pond prior to liner installation.
New Housing Development Landscaping with Ornamental Pond Feature
Liner and rocks installed with access bridge leading to Show –homes.
New Housing Development Landscaping with Ornamental Pond Feature
Completed pond, planted with fountain feature.
Show garden, residential landscaping project, Devizes, Wiltshire
Image of garden
This show garden was created for a new build development in Devizes, Wiltshire. The Show Gardens had to be low maintenance and give interest to a confined area, the project was completed in four days
Image of garden
Image of garden
Image of garden
Gardens for new housing development, commercial landscaping, Haslemere, Surrey
This garden within a new housing site development was a problem for the developers.
The original garden was unpractical as it included a very steep bank which put purchasers off. 
The garden was terraced using a new type of green decking creating a low maintenance garden with a seating and entertaining area.
The property sold soon after the works were completed.
New garden for Midhurst Hospital, landscaping project in Midhurst, West Sussex
Image of garden
This garden was created for Midhurst Hospital, providing a nurturing environment in which to stroll or sit
Image of garden
Image of garden
Garden plan
Nursery School garden, landscaping of outdoor play area, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Nursery garden
This garden was created for a Nusery School providing a nurturing environment in which to play
Nursery garden
Mass tree planting for shelterbelt, commercial landscaping, Sittingbourne, Kent
Planted trees
A large-scale shelterbelt planting of 21,000 trees on a development in Sittingbourne, Kent
Planted trees
The project involved major re-grading works to screen the new development from the motorway. Land drainage was installed into soak-aways. The planted banks were protected from erosion with woven coconut matting.
A five-year maintenance programme was approved that has recently been extended for a further five years. The project budget was over £400,000.
35 acre residential landscaping for prestigious mansion, West Tytherley, Hampshire
House and garden
This project involved preparing landscaping proposals for a conservation area of 25 acres. The client was demolishing an existing farmhouse and constructing a large six-bedroomed manor house.
House and garden
We transformed the areas around the property with terraced lawns, patios using Indian stone, a vegetable garden and ornamental borders.
We also planted over 5000 tree whips to create a new native woodland area and finally we constructed the driveway using consolidated path gravel with a tree-lined approach to the property.
The project took five months to complete and was finished on time.
Contemporary landscaping for new Sky Plazza apartments, Basingstoke, Hampshire
This was a design-and-build project for one of our clients who was converting a block of offices into residential appartments to a very high profile.   The landscaping reflected the changes made to the building and contemporary materials were used in the design.  
The retaining borders were cladded in stainless steel sheeting and illuminated with LED lighting.
 Re-cycled shredded car tyre rubber was used a blue mulch over all the planted areas over mulch matting to prevent weed infestation and reduce maintenance.  All the planted areas had underground irrigation installed on a time-cycle clock.
The bulk of the planting was topiary using Buxus balls in different sizes to give the landscaping a modern look.
Alencon House
Award winning Japanese garden, Kingswood, Surrey
Image of Japanese garden
This Japanese style garden won the prestigious National Landscape Award BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).
Image of Japanese garden
Image of Japanese garden
Image of Japanese garden
Design and build of 20 new allotments, landscaping project, Durrington, West Sussex
Raised Allotments Before
This project involved the design and construction of twenty new allotments for the residents of Durrington in Wiltshire as the existing allotments were being taken into the proposed new housing development. We organised a meeting with the Parish Council and all the existing allotment holders to discuss our design and construction proposals to which they all agreed, so works commenced in November 2010 with a hand-over date of 20th December 2010.

The works required major soil re-grading; existing soil was put through a screening unit and compost added to improve the soil structure. Raised timber allotments were then constructed with gravel pathways between each one.
Raised Allotments After
The raised beds were then back-filled with the prepared soil and each one topped off with compost. Water troughs and benches were also installed for the allotment holders. The allotment area was then fenced off with chain-link fencing and planted with climbers and hedging plants. In addition some fruit trees were planted on the allotment boundaries.

All was completed prior to the deadline much to the delight of the allotment holders and this also allowed the developer to proceed twelve months earlier than expected with the building programme.
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