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Hydra Seeding

hydra seeding

These photographs show a site being hydra-seeded using a cellulose fibre and tackifier on a steep slope and future open space area within a new development.
Technical Information
The cellulose fibres are manufactured from wood pulp materials and have a green dye applied to aid application of the seed mix and also to give an immediate improved appearance on sites. The fibres mixed in with the seed form a blanket over the soil surface which is absorbent and provides the grass seed with an ideal micro climate to germinate. After the seed germination, these fibres bio-degrade into the soil structure also adding some organic nourishment to the soil. Within the liquid mix, slow release fertilisers are also added to promote growth after seed germination.
The great advantage of using this method is that no heavy equipment is moved over the seeded areas to cause problems with soil rutting and compaction.

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